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Latest News

Dawn's latest published books are Zorphbert & Fred Volume 4: Beam Me Home Zorphie, and Abby's Adventure's A Christmas Carol.  She's a contributor to charitable projects like RISE: Comics Against Bullying (backed by GLAAD, Stand for the Silent, and Prism Comics) and Team Cul de Sac (nominated for Harvey and Eisner awards). You can read Dawn's latest press release HERE.

Comic Con/Festival Appearances

Dawn travels up and down the northeast coastline, exhibiting at comic cons, art & book festivals and more. You can buy personalized comic collections and kids books from her, along with other cute/funny/quirky merchandise! Click HERE for the entire list to track her down!

Connect with Dawn

  1. We can have an initial discussion in whichever way feels comfortable- email, phone, skype, even face to face if you are local. If you can give me some details you are already visualizing, that’s great- lay it all out on the table for me… but it’s not mandatory. I have some simple techniques that can give me an idea of what you’re looking for, even if you can’t describe it. For example, I may send you some sample images and ask which you like best.
  2. Once we iron out the details, I will email you an invoice, and if you agree to the terms & pricing, you’ll pay at least half up-front.
    See the Pricing Page to get an idea of what I charge.
  3. Once payment is received, I will work up some drafts– be it a sketch or some simple black and white logos. We will then bounce back and forth via email, honing in on what your preference is, until the final piece is approved by you!
  4. I will then send you the files needed for your project, and if you ever need different file formats or sizes in the future, you can simply contact me again.
  5. Should you ever need further design/illustration work from me (say, a business card with the logo I designed), a new invoice will be issued.

Start the Conversation!

I don’t bite! Never hurts to ask questions! You can contact me via the CONTACT PAGE, on TWITTER, on FACEBOOK, or on SKYPE, and we’ll discuss whatever you have in mind.


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